Versatile writer, blogger, editor, 

proofreader, with PR and academic background and roots in the holistic, mind-body community. 



A select listing of published books I've edited can be found on my Pinterest board.



Here are a few samples of web text I've written:

Fiesta Botanica

Alexander Technique Studio of La Jolla

(entire site)

Press Releases

Balboa Park Conservancy Tree Planting
Patient Aider App

More samples to come ...


The Conscious Writer


Conscious copywriting,

Blogging, editing, proofreading, and PR

About me - chris zook

Some background

Editing and Writing​

Since starting my freelance business, The Conscious Writer, over seven years ago, I've worked for various nonprofit organizations, including Balboa Park, self-publishing authors, and both small and large businesses. Since January 2015, I've served as the president of the San Diego Professional Editors Network.

PR and Communications

I served as the Interim Director of Communications and Senior PR Officer at the San Diego Museum of Art, where I wrote and edited press materials, web content, marketing collateral, and e-newsletters for seven years.


Magazine Editing / Production 

I served as editor-in-chief of the San Diego Museum of Art's quarterly members magazine, planning, editing, and guiding production for 28 consecutive issues.


Academic Career

I received a master's degree and advanced to Ph.D. candidacy in art history at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I taught and tutored hundreds of students in writing skills.

Continuing Education

I've supplemented my work experience and academic background with coursework in UCSD Extension's Copyediting Certificate Program, and I am an active member of the San Diego Professional Editors Network. 

I draw on a twenty-year background of writing and editing a wide variety of materials, intended for promotional, inspirational, and scholarly purposes. I pride myself on being dependable, trustworthy, discreet, and responsive to my client's needs.

I am particularly skilled at adapting the style of writing to the needs of the client or author, resulting in text that is clear, concise, and engaging.

As a freelance copywriter for over seven years, I have written scores of blog posts, e-newsletters, press releases, website pages in areas ranging from cultural nonprofit to high-tech commercial. 

I have also edited and proofed numerous books on various topics, including business, history, education, alternative health, and self-help.

A certified yoga instructor, I am also well-versed in a wide variety of holistic health, mind-body, and spiritual practices.